Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Rival realtors bring prospective home buyers to a spacious house in the middle of the desert that reeks of shit.  During the walk-through, a massive dust storm kicks up and everyone becomes reluctantly stranded in the house.  With nothing to do, they start drinking heavily and one by one they are picked off by a killer with a butthole for a mouth.

Hellitosis:  The Legend of Stankmouth is a cheap, gross, and dumb horror-comedy that goes for easy laughs, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t successful.  There are some genuinely funny moments along the way.  You just have to get through a fair amount of crap (both literally and figuratively) to get to it.  As far as movies about killers with a shithole for a mouth go, I’d say this one delivers just about what you’d expect. 

The horror elements are rather clunky.  The problem is that the killer, Stankmouth, who runs around wearing soiled underwear smeared with shit, isn’t exactly funny, scary, or memorable.  He kills people using predictable toilet-based methods like suffocating them with a shit-covered plunger and shoving a toilet brush down their throat.  Also, the scenes of the victims having their guts ripped out quickly get repetitive.

The humor works more often than not though.  It’s definitely in the vein of a Troma movie, just not with the same kind of consistency.  Speaking of Troma, Lloyd Kaufman appears briefly as the homeless guy who finds baby Stankmouth in a dumpster.  It’s Michael Boris who gets the best line of the film when he gets a whiff of the shit-stained house and says, “It smells like a fart threw up in here, then the throw-up took a dump!”

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